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Looking to start your own business, passion project, or charity? Our platform can help you get started. With our built-in website builder and marketing tools, you can easily launch your business venture today!

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Crowdbuild is a reward-based crowdfunding platform that can help you raise money for your business, project, or charity event. Our platform can help you generate the money you need to take your project to the next level.

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When you use our crowdfunding platform, you will receive rewards that can help you scale your business or project. As you grow your crowd, or your audience, the value of your rewards will increase.


Our Reward-Based Model

Helping you generate the funds you need for your business, project, or charity is our only mission.

When you create a Crowdbuild account, as a reward, you'll have access to the exact marketing tools you need to get started like our:

Easy to use WordPress website builder

Our automated email system

Our custom funnel operating system

And more!

These marketing materials are the same tools every successful online business uses to generate new clients and customers. Now you can use them to help crowdfund your business or project! And as your business or project grows, so do your rewards!

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How does reward-based fundraising work?

When you create an account, you’ll instantly receive access to our top online marketing materials that can help you reach your business or project crowdfunding goals.

Then, you can list your crowdfunding cause and also donate to other causes. The more you donate, the more access you receive for our online marketing material.

Take a look:

As a reward for donating towards a crowdfund cause, you will receive more access to our online marketing materials.

You can use these materials to help you grow awareness of your crowdfunding cause, like our custom Done-For-You Marketing Videos that will create custom videos for your cause that you can use to raise awareness.

Our unique rewards-based model ensures that both, the crowdfund donor and receiver, get rewarded! A creative and fun way to raise money AND help others.

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